Welcome to “Wayne’s World” and the Implosion of DC Health Care! As I have been noting for years, this 1 man wreaking crew (“only gentrification can save a hospital dominated by Medicare and Medicaid”) has unilaterally misdirected $1.5 billon in annual Medicaid spending and thereby successfully shut down hospitals, medical practices, access to private medical services, and impeded Black medical education while simultaneously killing 10’s of thousands of DC residents, up until now, unchallenged  by the mayor and city council.

Watch the attached video to see “King Fish” on steroids 2021 as he once again bamboozles the mayor and city council with unadulterated BS ! This is TRUMPCARE without Trump orchestrating our own version of “Tuskegee on the Potomac”…

Edwin C. Chapman, MD

Source: http://dc.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=6333