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The Woodberry Project

The “Woodberry Project”
Healthy DC & Me Leadership Coalition


Dr. Hamilton “Stands Up” for DC Tenants Living with Housing Violations, at DC Council Housing Hearing. (Jan. 18, 2024)

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Healthy DC’s Human & Civil Rights
Town Hall Meeting, May 26th, 2024

DC tenants & Dr Hamilton’s heated meeting with
DC Council Chairman & DC OAG, June 1st, 2024

The “Woodberry Project” Documentary

The Woodberry Project was born out of the Healthy DC & Me Leadership Coalition’s desire to document, raise awareness, and to expose the unfortunate set of events, and ongoing circumstances of “slumlord” practices, that District residents have been subjected to, at the knowledge of far too many District agencies, and elected officials. It is a travesty that these District residents, who have been seeking justice regarding their violated rights as District of Columbia tenants, and citizens, continue to endure problems within their apartment communities and housing without proper regards to their mental wellness challenges.

Unaccountable leadership is dangerous. The mental health and well-being of all District residents should always be at the forefront of the public elected officials’ motivations and demonstrations when governing the standards of care, program funding allocations, and when responsible for enforcing the law.

This is unacceptable and disgraceful to have District families and individuals living with such realities as rodents, mold, asbestos, no heat, and many more reported housing infractions that go on for months, and in the case of the Woodberry Village, SE DC residents, for years, without the appropriate enforcements and penalties being assessed. Healthy DC leaders, and their advocate partners remain committed to the eradication of “slumlord” practices and to exposing the District’s existing, and ongoing housing violations by property owners and managers.

Healthy DC’s “I.R.A.A.T.E.” outreach leg of “The Woodberry Project”, is designed to empower residents and housing communities of the District of Columbia to “F.O.R.M.”, and to become empowered to speak out, and to be vigilant in their continued “cries” for justice and accountability.

If your community is plagued with “slumlord” implications, and if you are seeking justice, please complete the “Community Report Card Link” below and our team will be in touch shortly.

We believe that housing injustice is a form of imposed, harmful mental health practices that need to be addressed at the legislative level. Our social justice efforts on yours and your community’s behalf will begin immediately, upon speaking and verifying your story. #SAVEDC

Healthy DC’s “I.R.A.A.T.E.” approach to social justice advocacy and mental wellness restoration for housing communities across the District! It’s time to “F.O.R.M.” DC! Until all of DC’s residents and citizens have stable and sustainable housing, our work will continue.

Healthy  DC’s  Advocacy  At  Work

 DCRA Housing Protest (February 2021)


 United Nations Community Humanitarian Forum, Ronald Reagan Building, DC
(June 2022)


 DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson Observing Mold At Woodberry Residence (March 2021)

HDC Leaders speak with Jennifer Berger, Head of the Office of Attorney General’s Social Justice Division (2021)

(June 2022) 16 y.o. Justin Johnson was gunned down. Woodberry Village is where he took his last breath. We were on the phone with MPD, Tenant Association President, & Mngmnt. 2 mos. prior because of inadequate security at the property and elderly reported safety concerns


Red Whistle Rally For Humanity at the Wilson Building
with Dr. Hamilton (September 2022)

DC Resident of Brooklyn Manor
Speaks Out (September 2022)

Dr. Hamilton and DC Tenants Testify at Agency Oversight (OZ, OP, DOB)
(February 2023)

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