Americans said in a recent poll by YouGov that Washington, D.C., is the worst place in America.

The poll paired two states in head-to-head matches and states were then ranked on their “win percentage.” The poll included all 50 states plus D.C.

D.C. came in last place, only winning 35 percent of its match-ups. Surveyors said that D.C. lagging at the bottom could be due to the political nature of the city or the fact it is not a state. D.C. has been fighting for statehood for years while voters are split on the issue

Other low-ranking states include Alabama and Mississippi, which only won 38 percent of their match-ups.  New Jersey was fourth from the bottom at 39 percent, which surveyors suggesting it is “often the butt of jokes, including for its occasional odor or for being the birthplace of The Jersey Shore franchise.” 

The top place in America was Hawaii, winning 69 percent of its match-ups. The state is a popular vacation destination due to its weather and beautiful scenery. 

Other high-ranking states include Colorado and Virginia, which won 65 percent and 64 percent of their match-ups, respectively.

Americans overall were more likely to favor the state they are from or live in than other states during the survey. The poll surveyed 1,211 people between March 12 and March 15. The margin of error is was plus or minus 5.4 percentage points.