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January 2022       Woodberry Village Tenants continue to detail reports of poor workmanship.  No heat. Mold. Trashy and unsanitary hallways. Uptick in crime.  Criminal activities on property.  Distressed tenants continue to detail problems with management.  Healthy DC & Me Leadership Coalition meet with At-Large Councilmember Robert White who tells Woodberry Village Tenants, that “heads will roll” due to the egregious nature of violations observed. Mr. Robert White is currently running for Mayor and has been endorsed by the very O.A.G. Karl Racine, that has ignored these tenant requests for “Receivership” proceedings to begin with regards to removing the Capital Realty ownership.

February 2022

March 2022: Tenant complaints continue although they have been returned to what is supposed to be “renovated” units. It appears that the “subpar” repairs continue to “unravel” daily from one unit to another.

March 2022 Resized_Resized_20220322_203012

May 2022   The Healthy DC & Me Leadership Coalition learn that the O.A.G. Mr. Karl Racine will not honor The Woodberry Tenant Association’s formal written request to begin “receivership” proceedings  to immediately remove Capital Realty and to prosecute them for violations pertaining to the DC Tenant laws.  Proper legal representation is sought to help the Woodberry tenants gain justice against the District systems and this ownership that have allowed them to live with inhumane conditions for approximately 2 years and counting.