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Larry Simmons

Business & Financial Solutions

Larry Simmons is the President & CEO of Business & Financial Solutions, Inc. He holds an undergraduate degree in accounting from Auburn University, with a focus in forensic accounting. Mr. Simmons also holds, from Auburn University, an MBA in Finance. Before founding Business & Financial Solutions in 2002, Mr. Simmons worked for Deloitte and Touché as the Director of Government Contracting and Nonprofit Services.

In addition to his professional credentials, Mr. Simmons serves the community in various areas. He is the Chairman of the Board for Women Who Care Ministries Inc., Executive Director for XYZ Services, Inc., both for which are Maryland non-profit organizations. Mr. Simmons also serves as a Board Member for the Jamisons’ Center of Kindness in Texarkana Arkansas, a non-profit community outreach program. He currently serves as General Public Representative on the Montgomery County Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Advisory Council, which advises Montgomery County Council, on drug and alcohol policy. He received his initial appointment by County Executive Isiah Leggett in 2011.

As president and CEO of Business & Financial Solutions, Mr. Simmons has the opportunity to work with a large variety of companies and organizations, providing forensic accounting, and project and grant accounting with major corporations and organizations. His experience is valued by attorney firms, where he provides expert testimony in fraud and forensic cases. Further, he works with a variety of non-profit organizations from start-up phases to ongoing operations.

Mr. Simmons is committed to the assistance of those who are less advantaged, or vulnerable to society and the economic systems. He serves in several other capacities in the non-profit community in his attempts to help effect change.