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Half Time Graphics & Promotions, LLC

Half Time Graphics & Promotions, LLC

Brian White, CEO
Half Time Graphics & Promotions LLC
(202) 304-0185

Graphic designers combine their creativity and artistic talent with their mastery of technologies to create text and images for a variety of clients. From the designing of one small logo to the creation of an entire branding package. That’s Halftime Graphics.

We create visual versions of brands, messages, and communications. I help people and businesses get their messages across in ways that are memorable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing. To do this, I work with clients to help translate their goals and ideas into design concepts. I transform client needs and ideas into the visual.

At Halftime Graphics, our mission is to provide our clients with an excellent, high-quality product that combines performance with value pricing which will represent them in a positive, creative, and thought-provoking way. I have developed a reputation for excellence while establishing a successful relationship with our customers and suppliers.