[The Washington Post] McPherson Square homeless camp to be cleared two months early, NPS says

The barbaric removal of the homeless by gentrification perpetuates Black health officials in DC on mentally ill, homeless Black people is no different and just as criminally inhumane as the Black Memphis cops beating a Black man to death over a supposed traffic violation. This is learned behavior that is as much a part of “White Supremacy” teaching as the role of Black overseers during slavery or Black “catchers” on the shores of Africa.

Malcolm called them “house Negroes” and Ralph Waldo “Petey” Green called them “uptown shirt and tie” turncoats. The revolving door outcomes are predictably the same whether (1) one is mentally challenged and homeless in a tent or (2) a returning citizen suffering from a substance use disorder discharged back into the community without health insurance, access to healthcare, and safe housing! Without systematic treatment these individuals will either (1) be unnecessarily hospitalized, (2) get (re)incarcerated or (3) suffer a premature death.

These are classic, HIGH LEVEL shenanigans graphically illustrating Amos N. Wilson’s “Black on Black Violence: The Psychodynamics of Black Self Annihilation in the Service of White Supremacy.”

We CAN DO BETTER with the right leadership!

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