GM DC Council Health Chair Henderson,

We thank you for holding hearings on “prior authorizations” in showing how both local and national insurers systematically undermine the health of the public under the guise of “safety, fraud, and abuse.” Your gentile, yet probing, questioning of local and national insurance representatives exposed how a small, invisible, closed network of AI controlled “hit men” (computers operated by people often unlicensed in DC) who systematically deny services recommended to patients by our fully licensed, regulated, and responsible DC frontline medical providers.

Unfortunately, the attached link to our DC Council hearings over the past 11 years encapsulates and regurgitates many of the same fallacious (BS) arguments used yesterday to “regulatory capture” your predecessors on the council as well as many of our current collaborating, co-conspiring, so-called public health oversight officials at DBH, DoH, and HCF. The attached May 24th front page Washington Post article is an example of an exceptionally lucky survivor who has lived to tell that story. Contrast Kevin Hargrove’s story with the chronicles of the DC CME over the past 8 years and the thousands who have died from overdoses among our homeless and mentally challenged as result of these RICO (Racially Inspired Corrupt Organizations) local and national operatives! Having Medicare or Medicaid is no guarantee of access to state-of-the-art treatment when “stigma” and accusations of “medication diversion” dominate the conversation. Furthermore, companies like United Healthcare/Optum Rx have very well documented histories as industry leaders in algorithmically misdiagnosing, under treating, and denying African American and poor people appropriate treatment in lieu of their corporate profits (see attached).

Thank you for shining an unsuspecting light on the REAL perpetrators of unsafe practices, fraud and abuse in our racist, perpetually dysfunctional, and corrupt healthcare system.

Edwin C. Chapman, MD
Private Practice
Washington, DC