To Whom it may concern,
It has now been 8 1/2 years since the 1st Washington Post story (Svrluga 1/13/2015) describing how prior authorizations, dosing caps, and limited access to buprenorphine was hurting opioid use treatment in Washington DC. The 2 attached articles on buprenorphine UNDER-DOSING and LACK of DIVERSION of this medication makes one wonder how many people, both Black and White, have died nationally over the years due to governmental public policy malpractice and how many more will have to die because of continued (1) FDA —> MISLABELING INTRANSIGENCE, (2) DEA DIVERSION HYSTERIA —> STIGMA, and (3) “REGULATORY CAPTURED” GOVERNMENT AGENCIES thru INSURANCE COMPANY PBM COLLUSION (folie a deux) —> DOSING CAP ENIGMA (16 – 24 mgs)?

Today this trilogy of governmental public policy failures has left: (1) legions of patients who supposedly refuse or “failed treatment” because of these incompetent dosing myths and (2) providers who wrongly reject buprenorphine treatment sometimes in preference to methadone for the same unscientific reasons!

Edwin C Chapman, MD
Private Practice
Washington, DC