JAMA 2023 – Buprenorphine “Is NOT our problem in DC!” – Fentanyl and Wayne Turnage BOTH NEED TO GO!
As I have said for years, If Black patients and Black healthcare providers are to survive in DC, we must continue to clean house in healthcare including the grossly incompetent “colonial” leadership at DC Healthcare Finance! We have been bamboozled, hoodwinked, and harassed for years by an administrative cabal whose souls were long ago sold to the Devil guided by the unGodly ethics of gentrification/classism, contract steering, misinformation, and political favoritism. It is little wonder that today we are now witnessing disturbing outcomes thru our children resulting from (1) substandard housing (see HUD scandal), (2) associated rise in individual and family mental health crises, with (3) increasing related physical violence and finally (4) the untimely deaths of patients, parallel closure of Black legacy provider practices (UMC and beyond), along with infrastructure dissolution for future employment (union exclusion at the new hospital) and educational opportunities (exclusion of Howard University faculty and students at the new S.E. hospital) .

The national disgrace and historical mishandling of the opioid crisis in DC is just another objective example of this phenomenon as undeniable proof of “business as usual,” the untoward influence of the Federal City Council on Black survival, and continued white supremacy in our nation’s Capitol in the so-called “Age of Equity” !!!!!
Edwin C Chapman, MD

“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”
Frederick Douglas

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