To fully understand the increasingly inequitable healthcare outcomes for Black people in DC over the past decades you must view this Johns Hopkins anthropological video history on eugenics and racism in healthcare.

Why for example:

(1) are inmates in the DC Detention Center suing Unity Healthcare?
(2) are so many primary care providers reportedly leaving Unity Healthcare?
(3) did Hadley Hospital, DC General Hospital, Columbia Hospital for Women, Capitol Hill Hospital, and Providence Hospital close?
(4) are Howard University medical faculty and students excluded from the new “George Washington at Cedar Hill Hospital?”
(5) did so many Black opioid use disorder patients in the nation’s capital die at the fastest rate in the country in spite of available treatment?
(6) are highly qualified Black healthcare providers abandoning the city?
(7) do Black DC residents, who are supposedly 98% insured, still suffer from the worst health outcomes under a succession of Black mayors, Black commissioners of health, Black deputy mayor for health, and Black city council health chairs?

Edwin C Chapman, MD