Black Psychiatrists of America, Inc. Practicing Medicine While Black—


Dr. Napoleon Higgins is the executive director of the Black Psychiatrists of America (BPA). What he is saying is the system is rigged to make sure poor people, Black, Brown, or White do not get the treatment they need and if they do the government will retroactively accuse the private provider of fraud (overpayment) and take the money back years after the services were rendered. The system is designed to herd such patients into high volume , low quality public entities such as core service agencies (mental health), federally qualified health centers (primary care), birthing centers, and methadone clinics (opioid use disorder). 
Does this sound familiar? These are exactly the type of services one would expect on a well run plantation. At the end of the day, Medicaid Managed Care Organizations and Medicare Advantage Plan executives make billions off of capitated patients who are either (1) never seen or (2) when seen systematically denied services and under treated due to this smoke-and-mirrors, Catch-22 payment system. That’s why so many companies with such POOR MEDICAL OUTCOMES fight (with lawsuits, political donations, lobbyists, etc.) over SERVING MEDICAID patients in DC! 
These companies are after the MONEY and not your mind or physical well being. DC Healthcare Finance is THEIR “bagman” and your medical provider is their “trick.”