American Medical Association – May 9, 2024 – Follow the Money! Understanding the Structural Incentives for Inequity in Health Care and Beyond

This 1.5 hour CME transcript from the AMA is a must read in order to understand our current failed American healthcare system. In this expert discussion the panelists mention W.E.B. Du Bois’ observation that “colonialism” and “capitalism” are the twin enemies of equity.

As a result of our 400+ years of structural racism, today in our nation’s capital Washington DC, we have some of the worst health outcomes in the world. For example, gentrification and colonialism are synonymous as illustrated in the 2019 contract that excluded the “inferior” Black faculty and students from Howard University in favor of the “superior” GWU/UHS as operators of the new SE hospital. It was no accident that this deal was orchestrated and lauded by a Black mayor as “George Washington at Cedar Hill,” while her former Black commissioner of health now sits as an endowed professor of public health at GWU, and the former Black chair of the City Council Committee on Health will be awarded today with an honorary doctorate at GWU. Malcolm X had a name for such behavior…

Today DC has the worst per capita overdose rate in the country after so called government experts resisted for years to adopt many common sense prevention and treatment initiatives from Howard University and alumni advocates. The mayor even had the nerve to resist, thru November 2023, calling the opioid crisis a “public health emergency” and compounded her ignorance by failing to include money in her 2025 budget for continued toxicology screening by the Office of the CME.

This fratricidal government incompetence fails to feed, house, and provide safe passage (ERAP, SNAP, etc) for half of the Black residents while freely allowing White corporate sharks (like Ted Leonsis) to enter this totally unregulated market for control of both real estate, healthcare, spiritual care, and RESPECT to the detriment of all but mostly the poor.

Thankfully… their days in office will be limited by the GRACE of GOD!

Edwin C Chapman, MD
“Pimps Up, Ho’s Down!”