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The enclosed “letter of intent to support” is our coalition’s humble request and proactive approach at soliciting your organization’s commitment to partner with us and the citizens of Washington D.C. who are in dire need of comprehensive healthcare resourcing and solid stakeholders who are committed to the true progression of health for our African American communities & citizens here in the District of Columbia.  

The enclosed $19,000,000.00 “Capital City Emergency (level II) Trauma & Wellness Center” proposal is intended for a 2023 Spring delivery date.  

We are asking for a minimal $1,000,000.00 funding commitment annually for a period of not less than five (5) years to secure your organization’s partnership. 

Additional negotiable terms & involvement are available at your request.  Please email us with the nature upon which your organization would consider moving forward with the said commitment to fund.  We would also like to ask that you complete the enclosed “letter of intent to support” this project with your company’s logo & authorized representative’s signature.

Members of our coalition’s executive team are available to meet at your convenience to further discuss planning & development of this project.  There remains, if interested, an ample opportunity for a representative of your organization to serve on our coalition’s board of community partners.

This is a wonderful opportunity for your organization to positively cement your involvement with a worthwhile cause, and to show support for the ongoing National discussions surrounding racism.  The gaps in our shameful corporate, government, & private practices that have far too long, kept an entire race and class of people, as well as families oppressed, has to end.

The Healthy D.C. & Me Coalition thanks you in advance for your considerations.

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