Since December, Willie Haskins has limited his trips around town due to his expired driver’s license.

“I don’t like to drive around without having my licenses and everything, my insurance cards,” Haskins said. “As an African-American male, an older male…I want to be careful about how things happen.”

The need for credentials is even more urgent, as Mayor Muriel Bowser now issues a deadline for everyone to renew their documents.

Beginning July 1st, “all D.C. driver’s licenses and ID card holders must display a valid credential.” Mayor Bowser was asked about the long wait times for appointments on Monday. “I don’t know if people have tried lately, because over the last several weeks…we’ve been able to add more appointments. We’re trying to give people a very long run way,” Mayor Bowser said.

When 7News On Your Side searched, we found a few upcoming appointments next month. But depending on the location, it may still be tough to find an appointment soon.

Haskins found an appointment, after calling the hotline available. “I was ecstatic, because I had been trying, since December,” Haskins said.

Haskins is still frustrated with the city’s website. “The website is such a lottery situation, if you’re not fast enough or savvy enough, it’s just so hard,” Haskins said.