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The Healthy DMV & Me Leadership Coalition

(Prince George’s County “Satellite” Community Outreach Offices)


Dreams R’ Real Internship Program


M.I.’s Dreams R’ Real Internship Program (D.R.I.P.),  was created to help introduce and foster academic & sustainable opportunities for our at-risk youth.  D.R.I.P. offers pathways to success through higher education, career-oriented job placement, workforce development, and apprenticeships made possible by M.I.’s strong community partnerships and business community relations.    

The philosophy of the program is to expose the youth to opportunities through D.R.I.P. to help render successful demonstrations of accountability, self-awareness, & sustainability, despite community and home environments that have proven to be heavily infested with gun violence and self-medicating family members and surroundings.  The program’s goal is to transition the youth to outcomes that do not end with them in prison, dead, or involuntarily detained medically or otherwise.

     In the short-term results, youth have measurably better:

  • self-concept
  • self-control
  • decision-making
  • prosocial attitudes
  • skills
  • honesty
  • goal setting

     In the longer term, youth have reduced:

  • anxiety 
  • depression
  • disruptive behaviors
  • violence
  • substance use

     More positive outcomes such as:

  • health behaviors
  • improved peer-relations
  • experience greater health
  • success (happiness) in school and life

Additionally, youth can also learn a “high class” skill set which in turn introduces alternative environments for them to seek out and explore.

The D.R.I.P. program increases M.I.’s mental health messaging and impact by helping to rescue, secure, and restore our children and youth from their

under-achieving, crime, or addiction-infested communities to avenues that are overflowing with opportunities, stability, and sustainable futures, while also offering built-in case management oversights and accountabilities.

The D.R.I.P. program also serves as a viable vehicle in helping with The Healthy DMV & Me Leadership Coalition’s overall mission of transforming & elevating the quality of living for marginalized communities and families in Prince Georges County and the DMV area, by removing barriers and by helping to address the existent disparities in healthcare, economic, & education which are unhealthily handicapping our youth and families of low-income means.

Meeting community members where they are and helping to transform & to elevate their quality of living through our Mental Health Personal Accountability Chart of Tasks, Life Coaching, Mentorship, Technology & Musical introductions, as well as maintaining goals for Higher Education, Apprenticeships, Volunteering & Employment, has proven to be a viable & comprehensive approach for equipping and restoring life-enriching, wellness education & accountable habits for positively sustaining behavioral practices, home and community environments.    

For more information or to discuss program curriculum, and or partnership opportunities please contact:

  • Dr. Rhonda L. Hamilton 240-274-9436  or
  • Overseer Dr. Ann Coles II  301-975-7660

*This  is a 24-week (6 month), interactive, goal structured, & unique programming designed for a student capacity of 25 per term and is priced at $25.00 per week, per student or total enrollment fee of $600.