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Community Report Card

DC, are you fed up? Seeking answers or solutions to matters involving your living environment, safety, economic, or peace of mind? Join former DC Mayor Candidate & Mental Health Advocate, Dr. Rhonda Hamilton and the “Palms Up” virtual community program as we hold DC elected officials accountable for matters involving the well-being and care of our community members!

Add your voice to our monthly community report card and we’ll send a community represented, “notice of action” to the Mayor, applicable members of the Council, Office of Attorney General, Chief of Police, and all relevant agency Chiefs , each month until positive solutions are achieved for the District resident(s) involved!

Join us on Tuesdays @ 7PM for the “Palms Up” virtual community show to get updates and to help us keep our “eyes” on the community!

Let’s all rise up, speak up and help make our city accountable to the needs of the people daily, “Palms Up”!

Tell me how we can help?

Rate your Ward Below!

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Overall how is your Ward performing?

Rate your Ward! Help our City Officials with being Accountable! On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest rating, complete our monthly report card, tell us your observations, and help us to ''SAVE DC''! Let’s stop the crime, abuse, neglect, and non-sense together!
Dr. Hamilton is committed to getting positive results for you & All DC citizens!

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