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Carlenia Springer (1b)

Carlenia Springer

Born in Washington, DC with roots in Trinidad, West Indies, Carlenia is the Founder of Destiny Embraced, a personal development company, and The Sacred Spaces Movement. A Global Awareness Campaign, empowering men, women & children of African descent to take the time to make themselves a priority, to be able to hear & heal their heart.

Carlenia’s passion to help those of African descent embrace their intuitive nature, shatter painful emotional realities & make a difference in the world is inspired by her own journey.

Carlenia has worked with both youth and adults from varying backgrounds whose unresolved trauma has kept them repeatedly dealing with all forms of violence, including bullying, suicide, narcissism, drugs, depression and domestic violence.
Carlenia knows we are born for a purpose and each one of us holds a part of the solution to the challenges we face. She also knows when we are willing to listen and embrace our disowned voices of anger, abandonment & helplessness we reclaim the voice of wisdom, shatter painful emotional realities & redirect the energy towards our purpose.

Carlenia has been nominated for an honorary doctorate, holds a BA in Psychology and has taught leadership & personal development for over 10 years. Carlenia is an Entrepreneur, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Transformational Speaker, Member of Black Belt Speakers and Co-Author of Amazon Best Seller “Live Your Best Life”.