Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has pulled the plug on dancing, at indoor and outdoor weddings. On Monday, at a press conference, Mayor Bowser announced that guests cannot dance or stand during a wedding cocktail hour or reception.

WUSA, a CBS affiliate based in D.C., reported, “The dancing ban goes into effect May 1 and applies to both indoor and outdoor receptions. Some couples are rushing to relocate their celebrations to Maryland or Virginia venues where restrictions are looser.”

Holy sh*t. I digress.

Under the executive order that went into effect on Saturday, facilities and venues can now host weddings of up to 250 people. But those who go must remain seated and socially distanced. Standing and dancing at receptions aren’t allowed, and that includes cocktail hours. “There’s hardly been any time to react, rather than being incredibly frustrated and angry,” Stephanie Sadowski, a wedding planner and founder of SRS Events, told WUSA9.

“I cannot even believe we’re in 2021 right now, and we are saying no dancing,” she said. “Why can’t we just have masks?”

Holy sh*t.

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Source: https://www.newsbreak.com/news/0Zaw1CKG/canceled-dc-mayor-cancels-dancing-at-indoor-and-outdoor-weddings?s=oldSite&ss=a3