A boyfriend’s touching response to people asking if he’s aware girlfriend is trans has gone viral. Jade Mcfarlane and her boyfriend, Tyler, clapped back at a commenter who suggested Mcfarlene’s boyfriend would discontinue their relationship if he knew the truth surrounding Mcfarlene’s identity. Mcfarlane, a TikToker who shares comedic sketches about her life as a trans woman, decided to respond to the moronic comments in a TikTok video that has got more than 5.4 million views.

With his head rested on her chest, Jade asks her boyfriend whether or not he knew she was trans. “Do you know that I’m trans?” she asks, to which Tyler immediately responds, “Yeah, I know that you’re a perfect, beautiful woman, and you always have been.”

But Tyler didn’t stop there. He explained why Jade being trans wouldn’t keep him from loving her, also highlighting how suggestions proving otherwise are blatantly anti-trans.

“First off, I want to say trans women are real women,” Tyler began. “They’re completely valid in their femininity. And the fact that people think that just because someone’s trans and I found out — or anyone found out that their significant other is trans — that [this] would take away or diminish the love they have for them, [it’s] completely disgusting to me.”

Tyler added that people who project their own insecurities onto others are usually unhappy with their own lives, and often feel a sense of urgency to bring others down along with them.

“Just because you’re unhappy in life doesn’t mean we need to be, too,” he said. Within moments after posting the video, Mcfarlane and Tyler began receiving and overwhelming amount of support from users, who commended Tyler for shedding light on an important conversation. Unfortunately, hatred and discrimination towards transgender Americans isn’t new. Since 2013, more than 200 transgender and gender non-conforming individuals have been killed in the United States, according to data collected from The Human Rights Campaign .

Source: https://www.newsbreak.com/news/0ZAyeX3b/boyfriends-touching-response-to-people-asking-if-hes-aware-girlfriend-is-trans-goes-viral?s=oldSite&ss=a3