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Healthy D.M.V.~CV-19 Rescue

Advocate Partner Pledge

I. I pledge to provide professional, transparent, and genuine volunteer resources, services & support.
II. I pledge to diligently promote the philanthropic efforts of the “Healthy D.M.V.~CV-19 Rescue Initiative.
III. I pledge to help improve and to help build the database of resources that will be provided for this community-based initiative.
IV. I pledge to be a loyal & accountable leader & advocate partner.
V. I pledge to ethically uphold the efforts & representations of the Healthy D.M.V.~CV-19 Rescue missions & initiative.
VI. I pledge not to misrepresent the mission & purpose of the Healthy D.M.V.~CV-19 Rescue initiative.
VII. I pledge to help uplift and to empower all persons & fellow leaders\\ninvolved, connected to, or impacted by the Healthy D.M.V.~CV-19 Rescue\\ninitiative & missions.
VIII. I pledge to hold harmless the Healthy D.C. & Me Leadership Coalition, its’ subsidiary affiliates and programming initiatives from any future claims that\\nmay arise as a result of their intent to provide a community based organized database of resources for families in need.
IX. I pledge to be a viable resource in helping to improve the quality of life for families in need.
X. I pledge to support the Healthy D.C. & Me Leadership Coalition’s mission to eradicate the presence of disparities regarding healthcare, racial, economic, educational, political, etc., circumstances among families of an African American origin & decent.
Please note that any Leader, Advocate Partner, or Organization found to be in violation of any statement contained in the Advocate Partner Pledge will be subject to removal from the Healthy D.C. & Me. Leadership voluntary database of leaders, resources, initiatives, & programming without further recourse.