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The Healthy DMV & Me Leadership Coalition

(Prince George’s County “Satellite” Community Outreach Offices)

Adult Leadership Academy Advocacy & Restoration Mental Health Programming


A.L.A.A.R.M. is a 6-month structured self-awareness, community leadership, training, life coaching, personal accountability, workforce development, mental health outreach program designed to meet the citizen where they are with the intentions of infusing sustainable, healthy, economic, & life-enriching knowledge-based skill sets and resources for the purpose of restoring, stabilizing, & holding accountable everyday citizens who have a vested interest in doing more than just surviving, committing crimes, living in the street, or aimlessly living day by day without a purpose or marketable resources.

The substance abuse & mental health services administration’s research supports that when we acknowledge and implement the introduction of the aspects of wellness, one can in fact improve their overall quality of life. Wellness is directly related to the quality and longevity of an individual’s life and thus the A.L.A.A.R.M. program is unique in its ability to help everyday citizens use the basis of preventative mental health framework to help transform, redirect, & to elevate their lives on the community level. By focusing on and helping to strengthen their areas of overall self-esteem, self-awareness, & weakness as well as by providing secure, confident, “stigma & judgment” free learning zones, overall goal-oriented, self-improvement can happen. 

According to the Center for Disease Control, and the National Institute of Mental Health’s research, 1in 5 adults in the U.S. has some form of mental illness or substance use disorder. Additionally, research supports that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S. affecting 40 million adults in the U.S. age 18 and older. It is our coalition’s professional observations that the lack of comprehensive mental health programming and outreach on the community level, to include expansive preventative care mandates, is attributed to the ongoing gun violence, unstableness amongst the urban & low-income populations, & the prevalence of increased homelessness realities.

It is the goal of the Healthy DMV & Me Leadership Coalition’s “A.L.A.A.R.M.” outreach programming to introduce solid, preventative & accountable mental health guided and structured “person-focused” care to support community-based transitions, in which the community can readily participate and be a part of helping to educate and save other border-line community members and communities as a result of receiving customized access to certifiable avenues of change. 

The absence of community-led leadership and accountabilities in our coalition’s professional opinion are being held hostage by the lack of healthy, informed, educated, motivated, and economically sound citizens.  At the heart of the crime rates, housing shortages, homelessness, drug addictions, abuse, & many other reality-plaguing societal issues, is the lack of a progressive, cultural, & mental health intentional community-based & structured programming designed to create “cycles of leadership” anchored with strong mental health oversights, implementations, and considerations.  

We’re sounding the A.L.A.A.R.M. in P.G. county and across the District of Columbia and everywhere our citizens need help with transforming and finding a new way to cope and succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s society whether diagnosed with a mental illness or simply living with exposed mental health realities & economic disparities. Sound the A.L.A.A.R.M. in your community and join the Healthy DMV & Me Leadership Coalition as we help to train, educate, guide, heal, and hold accountable tomorrow’s community leaders, community organizers, and young adults for the greatest mission at hand which is saving our communities. 

*This 24-week thought-provoking & unique programming has a student capacity of 20 per term and is priced at $25.00 per week, per student or total enrollment fee of $600. 


  • Student receives access to various levels of certified training and career path introductions. 
  • Student receives 11 weeks of “purpose-driven”  life coaching.
  • Student receives access to Information Technology & other cutting-edge resources for goal setting & project completion.
  • Student is introduced to transparent behavior & personal health accountabilities.
  • Student receives access to an Advocate for personal living & health goals sustainability.
  • Student is introduced to therapy, psychiatry, or support group understandings.
  • Student is held accountable for community-based volunteering.
  • Student is required to complete a list of assigned personal tasks prior to graduation.
  • Student will develop a sense of being a leader with demonstrated personal and community accountabilities.
  • Student is supported in finding their purpose.
  • Student engages in preventable mental health behaviors & understandings.
  • Student learns and creates pathways for sustainable housing, health, & economic means.
  • Student helps to contribute to the reduction of community-based crime, violence, abuse, citizen perpetrated life-threatening behaviors. 

Program supports and contact:

The Healthy DMV & Me Leadership Coalition

4710 Auth Place, Third Floor, Camp Springs, Md. 20746

Dr. Rhonda L. Hamilton   240-274-9436 | Overseer Dr. Ann Coles II   301-975-7660